Low Cost Translations for Minnesota DMV Documents

$25 for one document, $35 for two documents

French and Spanish-language passports and driver's licenses translated

By Richard P. Clem, Attorney

If you are applying for a new Minnesota driver's license, you will need translations of any foreign documents, such as a foreign passport, birth certificate, or driver's license. The documents that you will need can be found at this link. The official translator's certification can be found at this link.

The translator must meet one of seven specific requirements. One of the authorized translators is "an attorney licensed to practice in the United States or affiliated with that attorney."

Since I am a Minnesota licensed attorney, I am authorized to provide these translations. The cost of translations can be very expensive, especially for persons such as international students. Therefore, I am willing to provide a certified translation for only $25 for one document, $35 for two documents, or $45 for three documents. These prices are valid for translations of passports or driver's licenses in French or Spanish.

Many countries issue passports in two or three languages. Normally, they are issued in the country's own language plus French and/or English. If your passport contains English translations, then you do not need any further translation. However, if your country's passport contains French but not English, I can translate it, and this translation will be acceptable for the DMV.

If you are from a Spanish-speaking country, then I can translate the passport or driver's license directly from Spanish to English.

If you need documents translated for the Minnesota Department of Public Safety, please contact me, and I'll be happy to translate them from French or Spanish at this very reasonable price. You can scan the documents and e-mail them to clem.law@usa.net. If you have any questions, please e-mail them to me at the same address. I will let you know the cost before I get to work, but in almost all cases, it will be $25 for one document, or $35 for two. You can pay online with a credit card, or mail me a money order. I will mail you the certified translation, so please include your mailing address.

Michigan also specifies attorneys as being authorized to translate documents for the Michigan DMV. Therefore, I can also provide this same service for use in Michigan. Some states do not have specific requirements, and my translations are probably valid in those states as well. If you have questions about another state, please contact me, and I can confirm whether I can translate for that state.

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