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November-December 2015 Conference Call CLE

5 Approved Credits including ethics for only $99 or $25 per credit

Note: The programs shown on this page are "live" programs and offer full CLE credit in Iowa, Wisconsin, and other states. Iowa and Wisconsin attorneys can also satisfy part of their CLE obligations with less expensive "on demand" prgorams. If you have not yet taken full advantage of this option, you can earn five credits for only $50 with my On Demand Program. (Wisconsin attorneys must earn all of their ethics credits with "live" programs.)

I'm offering the following conference call CLE programs in November and December 2015. This is a convenient way to satisfy your CLE requirements, for $25 or less per credit. The programs on this page have been approved for Iowa and Wisconsin credit, but credit in other states is also available. Upon registration, you will be given a telephone number and access code. At the time of the program, you simply call in, enter the access code, and listen to the program. You can submit live questions during the program.

The first three hours of each program cover ethics, and the last two hours offer general credit.

Even though each day's program is five hours, you may register for all or part of any day's program (or divide the program between different days). If you need only one or two ethics credits, it is recommended that you start at 12:00, although you may join the program already in progress. I try to process registrations as quickly as possible. Please check your e-mail shortly before the program begins for call-in instructions. If you have technical difficulties during the program, please call my cell phone, 651-285-5474.

Course Schedule

Dec. 31 Update: Currently, nobody is registered for the December 31 programs, but I'm happy to do all or part of the program, even if it's just for one attorney. We can start at any time, and do either the ehtics program or the general credits. If you are an Iowa attorney and need up to 5 credits (including 3 ethics), you can also take the on-demand program at this link. If you are a Wisconsin attorney, you can get up to six credits at this link. Wisconsin attorneys who need ethics credits will need to take the live conference calls on this page. You can take the on-demand programs any time before midnight for 2015 credit.

If you have questions, I'll be checking my e-mail throughout the day. You can also reach me at my cell phone, 651-285-5474. (Do not leave a voice mail, since I don't have voice mail access today.)

Each day's program is identical, and follows the same schedule. All times are Central Standard Time:

11:50 Phone line opens, opening remarks
12:00 Ethics, Part 1 (1 hour)
1:00 Break
1:10 Ethics, Part 2 (1 hour)
2:10 Break
2:20 Ethics, Part 3 (1 hour)
3:20 Break
4:55 Phone line opens, opening remarks
5:00 Recent Decisions, Part 1 (1 hour)
6:00 Break
6:10 Recent Decisions, Part 2 (1 hour)
7:10 Closing Remarks

All programs begin promptly at the times shown above. The phone line will be open approximately five minutes prior to the times shown. Please call in approximately five minutes prior to the start time so that attendance and opening remarks can be taken care of prior to the start of the program. All programs are live lectures.

Monday, November 16 5.0, including 3.0 ethics 207669
Wednesday, November 18 5.0, including 3.0 ethics 207679
Friday, November 20 5.0, including 3.0 ethics 207687
Tuesday, November 24 5.0, including 3.0 ethics 207674
Saturday, November 28 5.0, including 3.0 ethics 207682
Monday, November 30 5.0, including 3.0 ethics 207688
Wednesday, December 2 5.0, including 3.0 ethics 207675
Friday, December 4 5.0, including 3.0 ethics 207684
Saturday, December 5 5.0, including 3.0 ethics 207671
Monday, December 7 5.0, including 3.0 ethics 207690
Wednesday, December 9 5.0, including 3.0 ethics 207677
Sunday, December 13 5.0, including 3.0 ethics 207683
Tuesday, December 15 5.0, including 3.0 ethics 207670
Thursday, December 17 5.0, including 3.0 ethics 207680
Saturday, December 19 5.0, including 3.0 ethics 207678
Monday, December 21 5.0, including 3.0 ethics 207686
Wednesday, December 23 5.0, including 3.0 ethics 207673: See Note Above.
Sunday, December 27 5.0, including 3.0 ethics 207676
Monday, December 28 5.0, including 3.0 ethics 207685
Tuesday, December 29 5.0, including 3.0 ethics 207689 Today's program cancelled. See note above.
Wednesday, December 30 5.0, including 3.0 ethics 207672
Thursday, December 31 5.0, including 3.0 ethics 207681. See note above.

CLE Credit

Iowa: Credit approved as shown above
Wisconsin: Each program has been approved for 6 credits, including 3.5 ethics credits.
Minnesota: Credit applied for upon request

Course Description

Conflicts of Interest 2015.Live lecture presented by Richard Clem. This will be an in-depth look at the conflict of interest rules governing lawyers in Iowa, Wisconsin, and other states. It will cover Rule 1.7 of the Rules of Professional Conduct, as well as related rules. Subjects addressed include: Joint representations in general; driver and passenger; co-defendants in criminal cases; insured and insurer; organization and individuals within organization; buyer and seller; testator and beneficiary; closely related entitites; business transactions between clients; consent to conflicts; "hot potato" doctrine; and more.

In addition to the ethics program, we will review some recent decisions from appellate courts in Iowa and around the region. Topics include: Expert testimony in criminal cases; search and seizure; wrongful discharge; sovereign immunity; merger of purchase contract into deed; impeaching jury verdicts; service of process; alternative theories of guilt; priority of attorney liens; state data practices; will revocation; and more.

Course Materials

Prior to the program, you may download the course materials at the following links:

About the Speaker

All programs will be presented live by Richard P. Clem, who has a B.A. in history from the University of Minnesota, and a J.D., cum laude, from Hamline University School of Law. He has been in private practice in the Twin Cities for 25 years. His reported cases include: Asociacion Nacional de Pescadores a Pequena Escala o Artesanales de Colombia v. Dow Quimica de Colombia, 988 F.2d 559, rehearing denied, 5 F.3d 530 (5th Cir. 1993), cert. denied, 510 U.S. 1041 (1994); LaMott v. Apple Valley Health Care Center, 465 N.W.2d 585 (Minn. Ct. App. 1991); Abo el Ela v. State, 468 N.W.2d 580 (Minn. Ct. App. 1991).


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